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Terri Ann Votava
254 Old Ellijay Rd E
Dahlonega Ga  30533
Hall of
CC Litter
DD Litter
Titles Earned in 2011  

I am so proud of each of these owners and their dogs. They continue to amaze me in all that they do!!
Terri Ann Votava       706-864-0767  

Bronze GCh Sans Brancos Uppin the Ante CD CGC HOF  Terri Ann Votava
Bronze Grand Champ April CGC November CD December

Ch Sans Brancos Twist N Shout KMK CD RN   Terri Ann Votava/R Chumbley
CD October

Sans Brancos Always Awesome Ace HT PT  Sandra & Marc Andrews
PT October

GCh Sans Brancos A Black Diamond Affair  Susan Miller/John Pawlus
Grand Championship October

URO 1 Sans Brancos Amazing Adventure HIC  Aileen Howarth
URO 1 July  HIC August

Sans Branco N Kindreds Anytime Anywhere NA NAJ  Lise Mason
NA October  NAJ October

Ch Sans Brancos Recall to Arms CD RE  Lynn Black
Championship  December

GCh Sans Brancos Ultimatum  Ann and Mike Jones/Terri Ann Votava
Grand Championship November

Ch Sans Brancos Yogi Bear  Ann and Mike Jones/Terri Ann Votava
Championship December

BrGCh/Can Ch Sans Brancos Stunned by Kindred RN CGC
Diane Ramsey/Chumbley/Votava
Bronze Grand Championship April Canadian Championship July
RN August  CGC October

Sans Brancos Best Bet RN  Alissa Levine
RN December

Ch Sans Brancos Breezin by Valor   Valerie McKagen/Terri Ann Votava
Championship February

URO 1 Sans Brancos Bellweather Bran BN RN Can RN   Kate Taylor
BN July Can Rn March URO 1 November

URO1Sans Brancos Constant Companion BN ThD CGC HIC Vicky Daugherty
URO 1 October  BN, ThD August CGC April HIC May

Sans Brancos Can't Catch Me RN CGC  Randy & Shannon Chilson/Hanley
RN September CGC July

Sans Brancos OSO Captain Crunch HCT CGC  Lynn Black
HCT May  CGC August

Sans Brancos Dark N Dangerous CGC  Patrick Hamilton/William Bullens
CGC December

Bronze GCh Sans Brancos Wynonna RN Wroebl/Hanley/Votava
Bronze Grand Championship August  RN July

GCh Sans Brancos Why Zorba RN  Jeff & Sherry Hanley/Terri Ann Votava
Grand Championship September RN September

GCh Kindred N Sans Brancos Int'l Barfly  Terri Ann Votava/Chumbley
Grand Championship December

Ch Sans Brancos Ziggy Stardust  Jamie Correale
Championship June

GCh Sans Brancos Strut My Stuff CD RA HT  Valerie McKagen
Grand Championship  March

Sans Brancos Celebrate Wassail VCD1 RE AX MXJ TT   Suzanne De Blois
MXJ August